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The Building Department assists property owners with new construction and remodels/repairs within the City of Yerington.

There are four primary permits that we issue: Commercial New, Commercial Miscellaneous, Residential New and Residential Miscellaneous. We also issue Encroachment Permits for work done in a City Right of Way.

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Residential or Commercial

The type of structure will determine the type permit and the code that applies to your situation. This applies to both remodel work and new construction.

Residential Projects - IRC 2018

Commercial Projects - IBC 2018

City Code

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Title IX of the City of Yerington Code covers Building Regulations and Title X contains the City Zoning Code.

Fire Department

Mason Valley Fire District

The Mason Valley Fire District reviews all commercial projects. Submittal of plans and fees to the Fire District is the responsibility of the applicant.

RTC Orange Book

Download the Current Orange Book

The City of Yerington requires that all Public Works Construction Complies with Orange Book Specifications.

811 - Call Before You Dig

811 Website and Contact Information

The City of Yerington requires that any underground construction work be marked for utilities.


Download and Print a Building Department Information Sheet. (Previous Code Version)