Sunset Hills Reduced Fee List

LAST UPDATE 07/31/2020 JF
NOTE: The first 35 Sunset Hills parcels that come to the City for water service and are sold as single family residential lots (and have a building permit) are qualified for reduced connection fees (-$3900.00)..
Applicant must have an active Lyon County Building Permit. By agreement between the City and ARC, this program is in effect until October 2021.
1Grover Glasner11 PINE ST PAR 2014-411-18Fully Paid InstallN/A$0.00Approved Directly by ARC
2Robert Hamilton3 E MESA004-084-0105/01/2018$3900.00$2044.00Building Permit
3Leslie Davies91 KASS LANE004-084-0109/10/2018$3900.00$2664.37Building Permit
4James Benterou96 LUZIER LANE014-281-2605/02/2019$3900.00$3714.92Building Permit
5Robert McMinn24 LOCUST LANE004-251-0206/03/2019$3900.00$3037.65Building Permit
6Sherylynn Orsua70 MASON PASS ROAD004-281-1607/29/2019$3900.00$3037.65Building Permit
7KC Custom Concepts89 MASON PASS ROAD004-281-1107/30/2019$3900.00$3037.65Building Permit
8Lorelee O Horn23 LUDDINGTON AVE004-072-0102/18/2020$3900.00$3037.65Building Permit
9Timothy Fritz52 MASON PASS ROAD014-281-3007/31/2020$3900.00$3714.92Building Permit
10Harry Hunt40 MASON PASS ROAD014-281-2808/03/2020$3900.00$3714.92TBD
11Vilma Sirovatea37 ROBIN ROAD014-261-2811/06/2020$3900.00$3037.65Building Permit
12Sharon L Pike41 LOCUST DRIVE004-152-0302/25/2021$3900.00$3037.65Building Permit
13Clem and Clarisse Fanning39 MASON PASS ROAD014-281-2205/25/2021$3900.00$3714.92Building Permit
14Tod Caruthers51 MASON PASS ROAD014-281-2006/24/2021$3900.00$3714.92TBD